23 November 2011

Rach & Wayne | Couple's Portrait Photography

Rach and Wayne decided on a near by subdivision lot for their portrait photography shoot.   A great backdrop with an open paddock that even had an old original farm shed on it.  But as I soon found out, this old farm shed may not have been so old and out of use as I originally thought...

How do I know this? Well firstly, the electric fence was on, and yes I got a nice wee shock from it. That got plenty of laughs (thanks Dave).

Secondly, half way through our shoot, focused on the fantastic couple in front of me.. I wasn’t looking were I was stepping. Now if you grew up in the country as I did, you will know what I mean when I say that my foot met an unfortunately familiar crunch, slip, then soggy squelch. My little white shoes with blue flowers were now a cow poo green. Nice.  However it was pretty hilarious, and glad that I could provide some light entertainment!  And you will be pleased to know that an over night soak in NapiSan, restored my shoes to their former glory.

Now Wayne has some pretty fancy moves.  Dance moves that is.  He and Rach are quite the pair when it comes to Ceroc dancing, so he was keen to bust out some moves during the shoot..

We had heaps of fun on our photography shoot.  Rach and Wayne you are a great couple.  You clearly just love being together and enjoying each others company.. and I look forward to you teaching us some of that fancy foot work! :)