08 May 2012

Debs & Dave | Baby de Graaf

So we this is our latest "project" we have been working on.. We are pretty excited about it and think you will like it.. Remember to watch in HD! 




  1. That is FANTASTIC news Debs! (and Dave!)
    You're going to make awesome parents. What a lucky baby to have such a creative Mummy and Daddy and therefore a kick ass baby album...

    But you have some catching up to do. My second born is now 4 months (and looking like a 6 month old!)

    Great video and way to break the news. All the best, and keep us up to date with more vids or photos!

    Lynette the Physio. X

  2. Thanks Lynette! Yes it is such an exciting time and going by so quickly! Owh wow congrats, so great to hear everyone's news and how their families are growing and changing! ~:0)

    Yes I am sure our baby will be well photographed and blogged about..!! :D