29 November 2011

Katy Perry Tribute | Event Photography Hamilton

We would be the first people to admit that Katy Perry doesn’t really frequent our playlist.


We had a fantastic night out at the Katy Perry Tribute Show in Hamilton on the weekend.  Replicating the 2011 concerts, the set, costume and lighting design was awesome and of course, brilliant singing and dancing.  The show was performed by ‘Nikki Monroe’ (aka our very talented younger sister) and her live band, The Monroes.

As part of the promotion for the show they gifted some tickets to the Child Cancer Foundation.  Needless to say all the kids there had an amazing time, especially those who needed a treat!  Here is an excerpt from a thank you they received the next day..

“This was a show where Cancer was left at the door and one of the worlds most popular contemporary entertainers was channeled to a crowd of eager, enthusiastic and excited fans by a brilliant performer who put her all into delivering a stunning performance...  For a couple of hours everyone in the room was transported to a special place, away from hospitals and doctors surgeries and worrying times. A place where they could let go and have fun, relax and be normal again.”

So if you are a Katy fan or if you are wanting a fun night out with the family, they will be doing shows in Whangamata and New Plymouth.  For more info check out http://www.katy.co.nz

23 November 2011

Rach & Wayne | Couple's Portrait Photography

Rach and Wayne decided on a near by subdivision lot for their portrait photography shoot.   A great backdrop with an open paddock that even had an old original farm shed on it.  But as I soon found out, this old farm shed may not have been so old and out of use as I originally thought...

How do I know this? Well firstly, the electric fence was on, and yes I got a nice wee shock from it. That got plenty of laughs (thanks Dave).

Secondly, half way through our shoot, focused on the fantastic couple in front of me.. I wasn’t looking were I was stepping. Now if you grew up in the country as I did, you will know what I mean when I say that my foot met an unfortunately familiar crunch, slip, then soggy squelch. My little white shoes with blue flowers were now a cow poo green. Nice.  However it was pretty hilarious, and glad that I could provide some light entertainment!  And you will be pleased to know that an over night soak in NapiSan, restored my shoes to their former glory.

Now Wayne has some pretty fancy moves.  Dance moves that is.  He and Rach are quite the pair when it comes to Ceroc dancing, so he was keen to bust out some moves during the shoot..

We had heaps of fun on our photography shoot.  Rach and Wayne you are a great couple.  You clearly just love being together and enjoying each others company.. and I look forward to you teaching us some of that fancy foot work! :)

22 November 2011

Marlborough Farmers Market

When in Blenheim we have become regulars at the Marlborough Farmers Market that is held every Sunday morning. Now it is a pretty small market, but what it lacks in size it makes up in tasty goodness..

We usually start with a Soy Chai Latte for me and a Latte for Dave, accompanied by a fresh pastry with chocolate in the middle. Perfect.

 Then with coffee and pastry in hand we peruse all the fresh, locally grown produce..

Don’t mind if I do.. Some of the tasty preserves, chutneys jams and preserves by A Taste of Yesteryear. Probably one of my favourites, the Kasundi.

So once we have been around the stalls, listened to some live music and done our share of taking in the atmosphere.. We head home to enjoy the rest of our recent purchases.

 So if you are in Marlborough on a Sunday, go check it out. Highly recommended by us!

16 November 2011

Debs & Dave | Self Portraits

So we are very excited with our new purchase.. Canon’s sweet L-series 50mm f/1.2.  This lens on the Canon 5D Mark II is a super sexy combo.. With it’s really low aperture it produces some stunning images.  Within a first few shots we were hooked and think this is going to be our favourite ‘child’.

So we took the opportunity to try it out with some self-portrait photography.. These were taken in our living room, facing a large soft light source (double corner windows) and f/1.2 on a tripod.  Sweet.  

This is the start of what I think will be a very long and happy relationship. Thanks Canon. 

13 November 2011

Wade & Erica | Auckland

Wade and Erica are one those of those couples that casually go about the work of changing the world one food parcel, community lunch and water tank at a time. Having already gone with them to photograph one of their trips to Vanuatu where they built a water tank for a local community, we have seen first hand their passion for changing both local and global communities for the good.

So where to photograph for the couples shoot..?

With the majority of their work in New Zealand being in the city and with the homeless, an urban scene was the perfect back drop. Wade had a few places in mind that we could do the shoot.. With no shortage of funky graffiti art we settled on Maidstone Street in Grey Lynn.

So in keeping with the urban theme we also headed to Myers Park in Auckland City centre.  Erica looked super cute in her blue dress against the old concrete steps and Wade was rocking the jandals and jeans look.  We even had a few randoms stopping to chat with us, making the shoot all the more fun! 

You guys are inspiring! Keep up the awesome work!

02 November 2011

Back to Africa 2011 | Video

Here is our video from our recent family holiday to South Africa!  We had such a fantastic time with all the family.. And that time together is now even more special as Dave’s Grandmother Lily, has since passed away.  Love you Lily.

Back to Africa | 2011 from Deborah de Graaf on Vimeo.