09 April 2012

Photographer of the Month | Pro Gear | Auckland

It seems nowadays {that makes me sound old }, that good customer service is often pretty hard to come by.  A store that has friendly and knowledgeable staff, excellent product range and are willing to go the extra mile is as rare as hen's teeth {that makes me sound even older! }.

However, when I met the team at Pro Gear in Newmarket, Auckland, I was pretty happy.  Not only do they have a excellent selection of photography and camera equipment, but they are also all of the above mentioned and fantastic to work with.

So when they let me know that I was the Pro Gear Photographer of the Month, I was pretty stoked!  Thanks guys that's awesome! Being the Photographer of the Month also included a feature in their e-newsletter and a Through the Lens Interview, where they asked questions about us, our photography style, gear and our thoughts on photography.

So check out the interview here:

And course if you are after anything photographic check out the fantastic team at Pro Gear!

03 April 2012

Andrew & Alicia | Auckland Wedding Photography

Andrew and the grooms men spent the morning relaxing over a few cold beers.  Marley, their friendly dog, was also happy to spend a pretty chilled morning with the boys, but not to be left out, Marley came and quietly sat with Andrew as he was going over is wedding speech. What a sweet dog! But soon after, this was followed by some good old play fighting and a life and death match of tug-of-war between Marley and Andrew.

Alicia spent a fun morning getting ready with her bridesmaids and family.  With a royal blue theme the bridesmaids looked fabulous in cocktail style dresses.  Alicia's rings and jewellery were all matching with stunning blue sapphire details.  With beautiful hair and make-up, wearing a gorgeous strapless dress with gathered detailing, Alicia looked absolutely stunning.

Overlooking the vineyard at Soljans Estate Winery in Kumeu, Andrew and Alicia's held their wedding ceremony at this picturesque outdoor setting.  With Andrew being in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, the ceremony was officiated by the base Padre.  Totally unplanned, but  perfectly timed to military precision, an Air Force Orion aeroplane flew directly over head.  A nice spontaneous and personal touch to the ceremony!

As the afternoon sun lowered in the sky,  Andrew and Alicia enjoyed the beautiful day over a picnic with the bridal party.  With such a great location they decided to have some photographs in the field and in the vineyard.  At the back of the vineyard there was some old crates which made for a great backdrop and photographs.

The reception was held at the Soljans restaurant, beautifully decorated in theme with white and royal blue.  With Andrew's nickname of Nemo, their wedding cake of course had a cute little Nemo and Dori on the top!