13 February 2012

Nicole & Jeromey | Wedding Photography | Vintage Beach

It could have been anywhere. White sandy beach, sparkling blue water, bright summer sun, your perfect tropical island. But it wasn't just anywhere, it was Aotearoa in all her beauty!

And what an absolutely perfect spot for Nicole and Jeromey's wedding.

Jeromey, together with his friends and family, stayed in a bach overlooking the beach. In the morning they walked down to the beach and prepared a perfect spot for the ceremony. Vintage inspired material flags lined the aisle, leading up to the altar that had, quite possibly, one of the best backdrops ever - Langs Beach. So after all was set up, what better way to spend the morning than taking a cool dip in the ocean.

The girls spent a laughter-filled morning getting ready at a beautiful old homestead, that fit in with the wedding perfectly. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous modern vintage dresses in soft pinks and whites, finished off with super pretty necklaces and ever so cute headbands. Nicole looked fabulous! Her dress was stunning, and also in keeping with the vintage-pretty theme wore a pearl necklace and bracelet and a delicate diamant√© headband… and the shoes, well, they were just fantastic!  As a surprise for Nicole, Jeromey sent over a magnificent bunch of colourful flowers with a special note just for her, bringing a tear to the eye of many in the room!

Arriving in style in two 1970's Buicks, Nicole walked down the beach towards the ocean, towards her friends and family, and most importantly towards Jeromey. Their gorgeous son Taydon, wearing matching attire to the groomsmen, also shared in this special moment. He happily wandered around Mum and Dad, eventually finding the best spot to watch the ceremony from, Dad's arms!

The bridal party went further down the beach for the location shoot and keeping it fun and relaxed, Nicole and Jeromey had a great time. What a beautiful spot to have a few cool drinks, enjoy the sunshine and celebrate with your best friends!

Vintage napkins with Nicole and Jeromey's initials in the corner, love heart biscuits, floating paper decorations, hydrangea flowers and a sweets table, the Waipu Hall was all things pretty and vintage. So rejoining the guests, Nicole and Jeromey continued the laughs and celebrations of what was an absolutely beautiful day.

For more photographs check out Deborah de Graaf Photography. View Nicole and Jeromey's Slide Show below..

07 February 2012

Mikey & Beks | Tauranga Wedding

Taming of the Shrew.

Now anyone who knows Beks, knows that she is not by any stretch of the imagination a shrew. But in many ways it was on the stage of this Shakespearian play, where their story began.

It was high school.

Enter Beks.  A beautiful young woman, graceful and kind catches the eye of Mikey, confident and fun. And so, between the two lead roles, a little spark of romance blossomed. But alas, soon after it began, the curtain on their relationship was drawn. Or so they thought.

Years pass and our two lead characters go their different ways. Despite many attempts from our leading man to woo back his love, it proved unsuccessful (akin to the play itself).

Change set. Sydney.

Mutual friends and chance meetings . It was here that their relationship once again began to grow. Fast forward a few scenes, enter a ring. A proposal. An engagement. And now, a wedding!

Change set.  Tauranga.  Present day.

Beks and Mikey's wedding was filled with emotion and a history shared from the heart. It was genuine and true, like their love.  Beks was an absolute picture of elegance and grace. Her dress, hair and make up only further accentuating her natural beauty. A true leading lady.

Personal and touching gifts were shared in the morning, a reflection of the love shared between Mikey, his family and closest friends.  Down to the fine details and subtleties, hand crafted bow ties with tailored shirts, waistcoat and pants, Mikey not only looked the part, but was undoubtedly our leading man.

In the cellar at Mills Reef Winery in Tauranga, beneath an exquisite handmade archway adorned with flowing fabric and lace, Mikey and Beks vowed their love and devotion to each other in a heart felt and emotional ceremony.  Mikey & Beks remained at the winery for their location shoot, with the large wine vats and cellar providing unique opportunities for photographs, that were also sheltered from the rain.  Perfect. 

After delicious food, fine wine, more laughs and love, the lights were dimmed. The stage (the dance floor) was cleared. Enter Mikey and Beks.  Husband and wife. All eyes were on our leading couple

The script of their future yet to be written, but with friends and family at their side, this will most certainly will unfold to be a great story.