30 April 2013

Happy Half Year Zach

Our dear wee man officially has his half year birthday today.  I don't really know if that is something, but it seemed a milestone to celebrate!

People ask if the last 6 months have gone quickly or slowly.. Well, in the beginning when we were up a few times in the night it certainly felt pretty slow!  But for the most part I think that it has gone quickly - especially seeing as in another 6 months we will have a ONE year old! 

So to our gorgeous little son, happy half-year birthday!  You are such a delight and treasure to us and we look forward to what the next 6months bring!

All our love,

mum & dad xox

29 April 2013

Poppy, Ryan & Zach | Children's Photography | Auckland

Siblings that are loving and caring to younger brothers and sisters are just so precious!

Zach and Ryan are the perfect example with their baby sister Poppy; fun and full of life boys but also gentle and doting on their beautiful baby sister! 

What a fun afternoon with these three wonderful kids! Here are some of our favourites from their photography shoot..

25 April 2013

Penny & Hammond | Family Photography | Auckland

When you are young there is many adventures to be had, especially in the a place like Cornwall Park!  Exploring in the trees, wandering through the park, fun with mum and dad - all making for a great morning.. And what a perfect way to photograph a family! 

This is how we spent a fun morning photographing Penny and Hammond with their gorgeous little ones - having some family adventures together..


22 April 2013

Alice & Lenny | Engagement Photography | Auckland Beach

We feel pretty lucky.  For one, we get to live in a country with endless beautiful photography locations.  And two, we get to photograph beautiful couples in these locations!

Beautiful + beautiful = awesome!

And that is perfectly describes our engagement shoot with Alice and Lenny.  A beautiful couple set against a beautiful backdrop.


18 April 2013

Baby Judah | New Born Photography | Auckland

One of the many things I love about photography is being able to capture the special moments of families as they change and grow.  Speaking from experince, I know how quickly these time can pass by!

In 2012 we had a fantastic afternoon capturing Steve & Lisa's family of three {view the photographs here}, now a year later, we had the privillage of photographing the newest member of the family, baby Judah!  What a gorgeous little man!

One of the other things I love about photography, getting to have new born cuddles! Love!

10 April 2013

Kirsten & Kevin | Engagement Photography | Auckland

What a perfect way to spend a late summers afternoon; photographing the love between two people.

What a perfect couple too.

Like her blog..

{Kirsten is the very talented baker and creator behind highteawithdragons.com - it's a blog for lovers of baked and sweet treats sharing inspiration, recipes, tips and tricks.  She is also a NZGirl Panellist.  So if you haven't already, check it out!}

..Kirsten and Kevin's love is sweet and lovely. 

And what a perfect place to have their engagement shoot - under the pretty trees at Auckland Domain.  This is just a taste of what I am sure will be a perfectly sweet wedding day!