31 January 2012

Christmas Video | 2011

So for something a bit different this year, Dave has put together a little home video from our family Christmas and holiday.  As with most Christmases, we headed down to Tauranga for a few days to spend with both our families, shared presents, meals and plenty of laughs and love!

The aweseom music is by SisterBrother.. Check them out!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and holiday!  Enjoy!

23 January 2012

Euan & Lisa | Auckland Wedding Photography

One of my first distinct memories of Lisa, is of her wearing a beautiful dress, running, down a very steep driveway, backwards..

In heels!

On that same day I also got to know Euan a little more.  He was a groomsman at his brother Rhys' wedding.
That was just over a year ago.  And now I have had the privilege to also photograph Euan and Lisa's wedding. 

And what a fun and relaxed wedding day.  Euan and Lisa were just happy to be.  To be marrying the one they love.  To be with their friends and family. To be in every moment of their special day.

Lisa and the bridesmaids had a pretty chilled time together getting ready in the morning.  Wearing matching slippers they painted each others nails, had their hair and make up done, wrote kind words to be shared later in the evening, laughed and just enjoyed each others company.  Lisa looked fabulous.  Hair and make-up done perfectly, while her beautiful wedding dress with ruching details highlighted her gorgeous petite figure.  But most lovely of all was her beaming smile. 

Standing at the alter of the chapel at Wilson Home in Takapuna, Euan and the boys looked very smart.  When Euan saw Lisa walking up the isle, the love and excitement was evident.  Emotion welling in his eyes as his bride to be made her way to his side.  Swoon.

After the ceremony the bridal party walked through the beautiful grounds where we started the first of the location photographs.  Ivy covered arch ways and pretty gardens with fountains made for a cute photo backdrop. 

With being so close to the waterfront we also headed down to the Devonport wharf.  There was a beautiful hazy view of Auckland city and a nice little patch of beach for us.  Off came the heels and with sand under their feet, the bridal party was having loads of fun. Even ferry passengers and passers by stopped to admire the beautiful couple.

And in perfect timing, just as we had finishing the location photographs, the rain that had been threatening all day, finally arrived.  Enter cute photographs under the umbrella.  Perfect.

So now, another distinct memory I have, is of Lisa wearing a beautiful dress, running, across a wet parking lot, huddled under an umbrella with her now husband, as she starts her married life...

In heels!

16 January 2012

Jacqui & Scott | Auckland Wedding Photograhy | Modern Vintage

No matter what the weather, it was always going to be a beautiful day.

And that is was.

With the effortless beauty of vintage and modern elements throughout the wedding details, everything was picture perfect. Including the bridal couple.

Jacqui looked like an absolute princess. She looked perfect in her wedding dress that was brilliantly made by her mum and Scott looked very smart in his classic black suit.  What a good looking couple, no wonder they have such a cute kid!

Jacqui and Scott decided to have the location photos before the ceremony, which worked out perfectly
as they could spend the rest of the day celebrating with their friends and family.

To keep that special moment of when the groom sees his beautiful bride for the first time, we did the first look at the gorgeous venue of Mantells in Mt Eden.  Scott waiting by the fire place with his back turned (as not to see Jacqui walk in), Jacqui walking across the courtyard then tapping her handsome groom on the shoulder. And then, that moment when they first see each other.


Once Jacqui and Scott had some time together, we brought in the bridal party and what a better place for photographs than at Mantells.  Will, Jacqui and Scott’s little son, also came for some photos.  And he looked too cute in his little tuxedo.  Gorgeous!

Though the weather had been gray and drizzly, that in no way was going to dampen the mood of the day.  So with umbrellas in hand we headed up Mt Eden for some sweeping outdoor photographs.  The timing was perfect as we had a little pocket of sun shine before the rain started again.

The intimate and personal ceremony was held under the marquee at Mantells.  As Jacqui walked up the isle, Will caught sight of Mum and was not going to miss out on all the action.  So for the remainder of the ceremony he happily pottered around up the front with Jacqui and Scott.

Followed by drinks, a divine dinner and some good laughs with the speeches, the tables were cleared to make way for the dance floor.  And so with their closest friends and family Jacqui and Scott partied and danced the night away. 

Jacqui and Scott, you guys were awesome to photograph and we had such a fun time, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your beautiful day xox

13 January 2012

Friday the 13th | A very lucky day

Also know as friggatriskaidekaphobia (insert dramatic doom doom), for some, Friday the 13th would be a very unlucky day. However..

Six years ago, throwing any friggatriskaidekaphobia aside, on Friday 13th 2006, I married my best friend.  And is has been one amazing adventure ever since!

From the shores of the Pacific..


..and Africa.


From mountain tops in Hawaii..

..to big city streets..

.. to small townships.

From early morning teas (not that many early mornings for me)..

 .. to late night parties (that's more me).

Photo by Nicola Topping

All the places we have been, people we have met, adventures, laughs and some tears.. It has been an amazing journey with you Dave. And I can't wait for what the next 6.. 16.. 60 years hold!  Love you x

Friday the 13th?  Pretty lucky day if you ask me.