25 September 2012

Nicola & Paul | Valentine's Day Competition | Auckland

As winner of our Valentine's Day Competition, Nicola and Paul won our Deluxe Portrait Photography Collection! 

For the photography shoot we headed Auckland Domain where we found a beautiful old tree covered in bright yellow flowers.  True to Auckland in winter the weather was rainy and grey, however, Nicola bubbly and fun, wearing a fabulous pink coat and gorgeous smile, brightened up the whole day!

Congratulations again Nicola and Paul! What a gorgeous couple you are we had such a fantastic shoot with you both!

11 September 2012

Wedding Photography Books | Personalised Album Jacqui & Scott

I just love it when a Bride and Groom's personalised Wedding Book arrives.. All new, professionally bound, crisp white pages, photographs of the beautiful couple.. Yeap it's just like Christmas!

And even better..

After personally designing each page in the book to reflect the couple and tell their story...  Together with their choices as to the diffreent sizes, covers and paper.. It is so fun to be able to hand over this unique and special story of their day!

Here is a few photographs of Jacqui and Scott's Wedding Book.  They chose Large Landscape, Image Wrap Cover, with 80 pages in Photo Pearl 190gsm paper.  Gorgeous!

06 September 2012

Random Acts of Kindness | Flowers

It is always pretty nice being on the receiving end of a random act of kindness.

Especially when it comes from your spouse in the form of beautiful flowers!

Thanks Dave for brightening my day!