16 March 2015

Cyclone Pam | Mount Maunganui | Tauranga

Although cyclone Pam has hit some places pretty hard.. It has also given amazing beach scenes at Mount Maunganui..

Dave, Zach and I went for a walk after dinner tonight to check it out..

Huge surf and dramatic skies..


Yeap.. there is a wave where the horizon should be..

And of course, Zach was having the time of his life, testing out his new gumboots!


Karl | Headshots | Tauranga Photography

Karl was looking to update his portfolio with a range of new photographs, including some headshots.  So we kept it simple with a relaxed photography shoot his family home in Tauranga.. Which had great options for understated backdrops with awesome natural light.

Karl is also one of the team at The Loft Salon & Barbershop at the Mount.. So go check them out!


04 March 2015

Friends & Family Group Photography | Auckland

There is no doubt about it.. Photographing the special stages in your family's life, is a wonderful way to capture these precious moments in time.  But what about the friends that you are sharing these special moments with?

Well.. Candy and Darren had the fantastic idea of a group portrait photography session. 

Together with their close friends, we had fun and relaxed mini-family shoots, while also photographing this gorgeous group of friends all-together. 

We love this idea - beautiful family photographs shared with beautiful friends!