Johnny & Sarah | Couple's Photography Blenheim

Long gone are my dreams of Dave coming home after a hard day’s work, walking in the door and being welcomed by smell of fresh home baking. Not to mention being able to whip up some delicious muffins when we have guests over. My baking is marginal at best and usually ends in tears (mine and Dave’s), sorry Dave. ;)

Sarah on the other hand is quite talented when it comes to whipping up tasty home baked treats.  Not only that, but her and Johnny are some of the most hospitable and generous people we know...  Throughout this year they kindly opened their home to us, and made us feel so welcome and loved.  They also kept up regular home baking and Sarah even made a birthday cake for Dave! Nice.

So to show our appreciation, we did not make them a thank-you cupcake basket or a three tier cake masterpiece.  We did however offer to do a couple’s photography shoot for them...

On a windy and threatening-to-rain summer afternoon, we headed out to the Wither Hills in Blenheim.  All the trees were in full bloom and the long spring grass was looking divine.  The perfect spot for some photographs.  Despite the wind, Johnny and Sarah were fantastic models and we had such a fun afternoon out in the hills.

So you guys, we wanted to say that we think you are an amazing couple, thank you so much for all you have done for us this year and we can’t wait to hang out with you more in Auckland!  :)