07 January 2011

About Deborah de Graaf Photography

Our Story

Hi Debs and Dave here. As you can probably tell we love photography.


Well, apart from it being heaps of fun with endless possibilities for creative expression, it also has the unique ability to capture a story, a moment, an emotion.  It captures life in all its beauty and struggles and we love being able to tell these stories through photography.

Using our camera, we can capture your story.  We love getting the natural and spontaneous moments that uniquely tell the story that is you.  To help you to get to know us better, here is some of our story..

We love marriage.  We love being married.  We love photographing two people getting married.

We think that is pretty cool that we can do something we love together, giving two perspectives to tell one story.

Debs is a big fan of chai lattes, Dave likes anything with sugar in it.

We love getting out into nature.  Dave is home when in the surf.

We love to travel.  Especially to developing countries and off the beaten track.   We feel so blessed that our passion for story telling has given us the opportunity to meet and photograph some amazing, beautiful people courageously living in desperate situations.  This is has become an important part of what we do.

We love to photograph using natural light.

Debs has an old banjo-ukulele that she loves playing.  Albeit with only a few chords. Dave thinks its pretty hick.

We grow a few of our own (organic) vegies. Though they seem to flourish better without our care.

Debs loves White Eyes, Fantails, Tuis and yes, we even have a bird feeder in the garden {like a Nana would have}.

We love perusing through old second-hand and antique stores. So many interesting and quirky things.  Makes for great inspiration.

We want to live life to the full.  Not wasting a moment.

So, if you like what you have seen and read so far, we would love to chat with you more about how together we can tell your story. So contact us today at deb@deborahdegraaf.co.nz. Or to see more samples of our wedding, portrait and other photography, visit our website www.deborahdegraaf.co.nz